Tom has a variety of projects in development as a freelancer and with his company Cannibal Films.



tv / writer & creator

In an alternative near-future, Earth is dying and humanity is 25 years into a century-long global exodus mission. In the evacuation city, Last Orleans, young convicts Nina and Marco head up a fractured gang smuggling illegal refugees onto the departing ships.

When they find out a superstorm will destroy the city, they must unite those around them to smuggle themselves off the planet… but how? And who else do they save?

In development with A.M. Reid & Max Reid (Sneaky Pete, Raising Expectations, Backpackers)


feature / producer / cannibal films / dir: alex lightman

When a young woman stifled in her backward hometown tries to fly the nest for a new life in London, she finds herself in a nightmare situation where nothing is as it seems… and women can’t escape.

Inspired by the iconic atmosphere of The Twilight Zone and The Stepford Wives, Petal aims to present the issues of the patriarchy in the same way that The Lobster deals with modern relationships or Get Out deals with race. With shades of dark comedy, Petal hopes to deliver an unsettling atmosphere and satirical bite to the psychological thriller genre.


tv / writer & creator

When surf champion Leanne (24) returns to her hometown of Porthlerro - the UK’s surf capital - for the first time in four years ago, she stumbles across a mysterious and horrifying scene in the caves directly beneath an abandoned cliff-top hotel - a petrified young boy and a dead woman. 

When the police are unable to ID them, Leanne and the small coastal community are dragged into a twisting murder mystery of the supernatural emanating from the eerie darkness of the hotel. Who are the boy and the dead woman? Was it an accident or something more sinister? And what malevolent forces are at play inside the hotel?


feature / writer & producer / cannibal films / dir: alex lightman

A retired detective attempts, one last time, to piece together the case that’s haunted him his entire life - the unsolved mystery of three brutal murders in an ancient cliff top house spanning half a century. And perhaps the only way to finally unlock the case is to look at it one room at a time…

The film combines a unique narrative structure with character-driven story-telling swirling around a compelling murder mystery.

across the line

feature / producer / cannibal films / written by sarah drew

Set from 1912-1920, this is the true story of Cyril Williams and the Stevens Family, who together founded motorcycle racing as we know it today under the famous AJS banner. 

With the sport gathering attention around the country, WWI interrupts their progress, and Cyril finds himself in France side-by-side with his most bitter rival Eric Williams (no relation). Being skilled motorcyclists, they are charged with one of the most dangerous missions - delivering messages behind enemy lines. 

From rivals to brothers-in-arms and maybe even back to rivals again, this is the true and untold story of how the birth of a motorsport helped the war effort, and how the war in turn in influenced the birth of the sport, all told through the eyes of the men and women right at the heart of it. 

lady justice

tv / producer / cannibal films / written by kt parker

Set in the high society of 1830’s London, this is the true story of a mother who shocked the country by waging a very public war with her estranged husband to get access to her children, taking on the entire British Judicial system and eventually winning women their very first legal rights.

At a time when women and children were the legal property of their husband, Caroline Norton realised the only option was to change the law from the ground up. A tour de force of intelligence and cutting wit amongst the literary, political and social circles, she taught herself the law and shrewdly navigated the system winning favour with key influential figures including Benjamin Disraeli, the Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and even Queen Victoria herself.

What ensued was a battle of wits and determination between a resolute mother torn away from her children and a patriarchal justice system dead-set against change. It would send shockwaves around the country as, bit by bit, she overcame the impossible.


10x10 / writer / blackpills

Plot unavailable. 


feature / writer & producer / cannibal films / dir: alex lightman

A young woman travels to the Isle of Man to kill the man who ruined her life, only to find him already murdered. As she goes on a bloody mission to find out who robbed her of revenge, she manages to implicate herself in a crime she was going to commit, but didn’t.

no place for a woman

feature / producer / cannibal films / written by cordelia o'neill

Hungary. WW2. When a Nazi commandant takes a jewish ballerina prisoner to entertain his party guests and subsequently falls in love with her, she teams up with his isolated and trapped wife so they can both escape.